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Crossroads of the West Gun Show -Sunday

Crossroads of the West Gun Show -Sunday

 April 29, 2018

 All Day

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Saturday 9 am-5 pm
Sunday 9 am-4 pm

Admission $14 – good for both days

Crossroads of the West Gun Shows Media Policy
It has been our policy for over forty years that we do not permit cameras or recording devices in our gun shows.  Our policy, instituted in 1977, was implemented to ensure privacy and personal protection for show participants and exhibitors.  
The background:
We had a show in Salt Lake City which included several major antique and historic firearm displays.  The local media was invited to cover the show, and several TV and newspaper articles were produced and written about the historic displays.  One collector of Civil War firearms and memorabilia was featured by name and city of residence in the Deseret News, one of two major local newspapers.  Approximately two weeks after the article ran, the collector’s home was burglarized and he lost almost the entire Civil War collection, which was valued at over $250,000.
As a result of this burglary, which police felt was a direct result of the media coverage of the exhibit at the show,  our company formulated a policy excluding media from the shows in order that we might protect the privacy and personal security of our show participants.
With that background, we believe that you will understand and respect our policy.
Very truly yours,
Robert R. Templeton
Crossroads of the West Gun Shows, Inc.