August 5

Date and TimeActivityDepartment
August 5Youth Day
Kids 12 and under enter FREE all day
1:00 p.m.Gates Open
All DayGenealogyGems, Minerals, Hobbies, Models, Collections
Gene West's Wonderful Working Wooden ToysYouth Expo
StampsGems, Minerals, Hobbies, Models, Collections
TrainsGems, Minerals, Hobbies, Models, Collections
Gems/Fossil SalesGems, Minerals, Hobbies, Models, Collections
All Kids get a Free RockGems, Minerals, Hobbies, Models, Collections
TapagamiYouth Expo
National Parks Service Kids' AcitivitiesAgriculture Building
Cactus, Ferns, Geraniums, Gesneriads,Other Potted Plants, Saintpaulias, Succulents, Wheelbarrow Gardens, Begonias, Bonsai, Bromeliads, Hoya & Ivy, Orchids, & Tropical PlantsFloriculture
Garden in a Glove/ CA Women for AgricultureAgriculture Building
Channel Islands Wood TurnersHome Arts
Platinum Cookware Cooking ShowHome Arts
Tri-County Egg ArtistsHome Arts
Channel Islands Wood CarversHome Arts
Draft and Carriage ShowMorgan Arena
1:00-2:00Pint of Irish MusicAgriculture Building
1:00 - 4:00VC Handweavers & Spinners Guild DemoAgriculture Building
1:00-5:00Dan Mooney Pen/Ink DrawingsProfessional Arts
1:00-5:00Fossil Cleaning/ David MautzGems, Minerals, Hobbies, Models, Collections
1:00-6:00CarvingGems, Minerals, Hobbies, Models, Collections
1:00-6:00Wire Wrapping/ Phyllis WhiteGems, Minerals, Hobbies, Models, Collections
1:00-7:00Kids Program–Dinosaurs/Erin Valenzuela Gems, Minerals, Hobbies, Models, Collections
1:00-8:00Chef RayAgriculture Building
1:00-6:00BC CharacterGrounds
1:30Gold Coast GymnasticsSeabreeze Stage
1:30Stereo ChickensStation Stage
1:30-3:30Veggie Tasting/ San Miguel ProduceAgriculture Building
1:30-6:30Dennis Forel BalloonacyGrounds
2:00All Alaskan Racing PigsPorker Flats
2:00-3:30Heroes of Ventura County/ SlideshowsAgriculture Building
2:30Powerhouse Percussive DanceSeabreeze Stage
2:30Stereo ChickensStation Stage
3:00VC Gourd Artists DemonstrationsAgriculture Building
3:00Actors & Singers StudioSeabreeze Stage
3:00-5:00Meet the Farmer/ VC Farm BureauAgriculture Building
3:00-8:00Slim & CurlyGrounds
3:30Stereo ChickensStation Stage
3:30All Alaskan Racing PigsPorker Flats
3:30Powerhouse Percussive DanceGrounds
4:00Children's Tractor PullUncle Leo's Barn
4:00-4:30Superhero Food Rescue and Donation Agriculture Building
4:30KNS RockstarSeabreeze Stage
4:30Powerhouse Percussive DanceGrounds
4:30-5:00Fermentation 101/ Ventura Food CoopAgriculture Building
5:00Katie Dix BandStation Stage
5:00All Alaskan Racing PigsPorker Flats
5:00-7:00Candidates Forum VC Co LabAgriculture Building
6:00Powerhouse Percussive DanceGrounds
6:30Hypnotist, Tina MarieSeabreeze Stage
7:00Bulldawg Blues BandStation Stage
7:00All Alaskan Racing PigsPorker Flats
7:30The All-American RejectsGrandstand
8:00House Arrest BandSeabreeze Stage
9:00Shaky Feelin’Station Stage
10:00Hypnotist, Tina MarieSeabreeze Stage
10:00Exhibit Buildings Close