August 6

Date and TimeActivityDepartment
August 6
12:00 p.m.Gates Open
All DayGenealogyGems, Minerals, Hobbies, Models, Collections
Gene West's Wonderful Working Wooden ToysYouth Expo
TrainsGems, Minerals, Hobbies, Models, Collections
StampsGems, Minerals, Hobbies, Models, Collections
Gems/Fossil SalesGems, Minerals, Hobbies, Models, Collections
TapagamiYouth Expo
National Parks Service Kids' AcitivitiesAgriculture Building
Fire Safety & Awareness/ VC Fire DeptAgriculture Building
Toy Making "Thaumatropes" /Dudley HouseAgriculture Building
Gadget Guessing Game/ Dudley HpouseAgriculture Building
Arrangements, Wall Hangings, Dahlias, & Roses, Dish Gardens & Terrariums Floriculture
Channel Islands Wood TurnersHome Arts
Platinum Cookware Cooking ShowHome Arts
Tri County Egg ArtistsHome Arts
Channel Islands Wood CarversHome Arts
Channel Island E.G.AHome Arts
Seahorse Porcelian Artist Home Arts
Strings & Things Home Arts
Draft and Carriage ShowMorgan Arena
1:00-5:00Dan Mooney Pen/Ink DrawingsProfessional Arts
12:00 - 3:00Dichroic Glass Fusing -Lisa MurphyGems, Minerals, Hobbies, Models, Collections
12:00-6:00Carving- Dick WhiteGems, Minerals, Hobbies, Models, Collections
12:00-6:00Wire WrappingGems, Minerals, Hobbies, Models, Collections
12:00-8:00Chef RayAgriculture Building
12:30-5:30BC CharacterGrounds
12:30Stereo ChickensStation Stage
12:50Best Bars JudgingHome Arts
1:00All Alaskan Racing PigsPorker Flats
1:00 - 4:00VC Handweavers & Spinners Guild DemoAgriculture Building
1:00-6:00Dennis Forel BalloonacyGrounds
1:30Stereo ChickensStation Stage
2:00Keyla’s Performing Arts CenterSeabreeze Stage
2:00-2:30Solar Cooking- A Hot Idea /Ventura Food CoopAgriculture Building
2:00-4:00Best Cheeseburger Contest Cooking/JudgingHome Arts
2:30All Alaskan Racing PigsPorker Flats
2:30Powerhouse Percussive DanceGrounds
2:30-3:00Foraging for your Food/ Ventura Food CoopAgriculture Building
3:00VC Gourd Artists DemonstrationsAgriculture Building
3:00Crush RocketsSeabreeze Stage
3:00Stereo ChickensStation Stage
3:00-4:00Wildfire Preparedness WorkshopAgriculture Building
3:00-8:00Slim & CurlyGrounds
4:00Children's Tractor Pull Uncle Leo's Barn
4:00Unique Diamonds CheerleadingSeabreeze Stage
4:00Powerhouse Percussive DanceGrounds
4:00-5:00Foraging Craft ActivityAgriculture Building
4:30KingQueenStation Stage
4:30All Alaskan Racing PigsPorker Flats
5:00Solid Gold DanceSeabreeze Stage
5:30Powerhouse Percussive DanceGrounds
6:30Hypnotist, Tina MarieSeabreeze Stage
6:30LSB BandStation Stage
7:00All Alaskan Racing PigsPorker Flats
7:00Powerhouse Percussive DanceGrounds
7:30Blue Oyster CultGrandstand
8:00The Fabulous YachtsmenSeabreeze Stage
9:00The StorytellersStation Stage
10:00Hypnotist, Tina MarieSeabreeze Stage
10:00Exhibit Buildings Close