Fairgrounds to Community: Our Love Is Here To Stay.

Two Fairs missed, looking forward to many more.

July 27, 2021  (Ventura County Fairgrounds) Everybody knows that the years 2020 and 2021 were upset by the COVID-19 pandemic and by the requirements that were set forth by the governor to maintain the safety of Californians.   

The unprecedented nature of the turn of events has left a void in certainty and a rise in speculation. What will the future hold? When will it be safe to assemble again?The truth is that the virus has been an unpredictable and unavoidable interruption to our normal activities. Nobody could or can rightly predict what was going to happen with relation to the pandemic within the next week, no less the next year. 

As a result of the inability to hold the Fair and other public events, the Ventura County Fairgrounds lost most sources of revenue, resulting in the almost complete downsizing of personnel and the ability to accurately budget for the future. 

Although it is impossible to predict the direction the pandemic will turn, there is every intention of having a Fair in 2022. To that end the Board of Directors has begun to discuss the policies and procedures of opening the Fair safely with an emphasis on consideration to sanitation/ cleanliness as it relates to COVID as well as the general structure of the many departments that make up the Ventura County Fair.

The Fairgrounds is here to stay.

Some people have surmised that the Ventura County Fairgrounds is not moving forward with planning future fairs, or that the fairgrounds is under consideration for alternative uses. Please remember that the fairgrounds is a District Agricultural Association and as such is state owned property.

The Fairgrounds Board of Directors, management and staff are committed to the health and safety of our entire community. As with the Thomas Fire and the ensuing mudslide, various natural floods, heat waves and many other natural disasters, the Fairgrounds is proud to work with state and local governments towards a safer community as host of COVID 19 vaccination and testing sites. 

This year of social distancing hasn’t been easy for anybody and we are grateful to our neighbors, friends, families and associates who have stood by the Fairgrounds during this critical time. We have received many messages of support throughout the crisis and we want you to know how much those supportive words have helped as the Fairgrounds proudly works to help ensure the health and safety of the entire community. 

The Ventura County Fairgrounds posts all information vital to the community on its website at www.venturacountyfair.org. If you have heard stories or speculation about the Fair or the fairgrounds and you want to get confirmation about the accuracy of what you heard please send us an email to info@venturacountyfair.org.


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