ABCs of Child Safety at the Fair

The Fair is a wonderful time for families and children, but it’s a big and busy place too. It’s easy for kids to get lost in the shuffle of crowds and confusion. Here are some helpful hints to keeping your children safe and close at the fair!

We encourage parents/guardians to take and store a photo of their child/children before entering the fairgrounds to assist Security in locating them if they become lost. Point out security personnel to your children. They will be identifiable by their bright yellow jackets.

The Youth Expo and the Ventura County Masonic Lodge feature a child identification program every day from 11AM til 7PM. Your child’s photo and fingerprints will be taken and made into a package for you to keep in case of emergency.

Let your child know that the Police Compound, the Souvenir Booth or First Aid area is a valid meeting point if you are separated from one another. Show your children where these locations are and choose these locations as specific meeting points within the fairgrounds where your family can reconvene at different times throughout the day. Please consult the map for these locations, and share these locations with your children.

Children and their parents are integral members of the Ventura County Fair community. We thank you for your patronage, and wish you a happy and safe time at the Fair this summer!

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