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(fǝ tog’ rǝ-fi): The art, hobby, or profession of taking photographs and developing and printing the film or processing the digitized array image.


We take a little different approach in our Photography Exhibit than other county fairs in the state do.

We believe that a photograph is that “special moment” in time that the photographer wants to always be able to recall…and wants to share that “special moment” with others.

We don’t just display the winners in our exhibit…we hang every photo that is brought to us… your “special moment” in time.

IT’S YOUR TIME… to hear a friend, a neighbor, a patient, a customer say to you ”I saw your photograph at the Ventura County Fair….it was great….thank you so much for sharing”. IT’S YOUR TIME…. IT’S YOUR TIME!


Lou Cunningham

I have lived and worked in Ventura County for over twenty years. My main interests are photography, stained glass, and fishing. I also enjoy serving the community.

I started taking pictures with my grandma’s old Kodak in Wisconsin when I was 9 years old. I remember using the old rolls of film. I remember mowing lawns to raise the money to buy the film but sometimes could never afford to get it developed. I’m sure that somewhere somebody probably has discovered some of my old pictures. Over the years, like most people, I’ve taken thousands of pictures.

I believe that taking photos not only preserves the history of my being, but also the history of this country. What I look for in my award-winning photos (at least, I believe they are) is secondarily the subject matter and the background but primarily the focal point which is the total composition. I feel that the greatest photo doesn’t have to be your best but only needs to grab the eye and the imagination of the viewer. After all, remember that our minds are like a camera and that we all can visualize someone, something, or someplace that we’ve been or seen that has touched our lives.

Enjoy the Fair!
Take lots of Photos!


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