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(fǝ tog’ rǝ-fi): The art, hobby, or profession of taking photographs and developing and printing the film or processing the digitized array image.


We take a little different approach in our Photography Exhibit than other county fairs in the state do.

We believe that a photograph is that “special moment” in time that the photographer wants to always be able to recall…and wants to share that “special moment” with others.

We don’t just display the winners in our exhibit…we hang every photo that is brought to us… your “special moment” in time.

IT’S YOUR TIME… to hear a friend, a neighbor, a patient, a customer say to you ”I saw your photograph at the Ventura County Fair….it was great….thank you so much for sharing”. IT’S YOUR TIME…. IT’S YOUR TIME!


Patrick Kelly

Department contact: photography@venturacountyfair.org

Enjoy the Fair!
Take lots of Photos!


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