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Uncle Leo’s Barn

(uŋ’kl lē’ōz bärn): A large outbuilding on a farm used to store grain or shelter livestock.


The county fair is a showcase that both educates and entertains. Uncle Leo’s Barn is a place where kids of all ages have the opportunity to learn a bit about agriculture as an important part of Ventura County’s past, present, and future. Connecting kids and agriculture is what Uncle Leo’s Barn is all about; watching the sow and piglets play, milking a very special cow, and driving in the Kids’ Tractor Pull make Uncle Leo’s Barn a favorite place for the young and the young-at-heart during the Ventura County Fair.

Children's Tractor Pull Daily at 4PM
Come and enjoy this delightful barnyard spectacle. Watch the kids do their best job on the bright green pedal tractor as it drags the sled or sign your child up to compete in this family fun event!
(Photo-ops galore mom!)


Leo & Rita Vanoni’s Family


Charles and Laurie Vanoni



In Loving Memory of Uncle Leo & Rita Vanoni
1915-2014 / 1921-2016


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